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[Tuyển dụng] Cơ hội việc làm cho Ruby On Rails Developer

Thảo luận trong 'Lao động việc làm' bắt đầu bởi Lê Thiên Anh, 26/3/20 lúc 12:08.

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  1. Lê Thiên Anh

    Lê Thiên Anh New Member

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    ** About the company: It is a start-up Singapore company

    ** Job Description:
    • Work on some software development projects with a startup company in Singapore to make worldwide shipping & logistics industries more efficient and effective.
    • Receive requirements as User Stories from end-users (Singapore, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Japan).
    • Beside coding tasks, you will have access to every steps in LEAN software development cycle: UI-UX, Architecture, Unit Testing, Automation Testing, User Interview...


    ** Requirements:
    • At least 3 year of experience with Ruby on Rails.
    • Knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Restful API, JSON.
    • Understand what is MVC, how to develop a Responsive website or make an existing website responsive.
    • Experience with Backend or Front end, AWS, Heroku, Google App Engine is an advance.
    • English skill is a plus.

    ** Benefits:
    You’ll have the chance to build world-class products for people around the world. In addition to that, here are the perks at working with our team:
    • Regular on-the-job training by our team leads.
    • 13th month salary.
    • Regular technical seminar to improve your technical skills.
    • Improve your presentation skill by hosting a seminar on your favorite topic.
    • Salary review based on performance every 6 months (if applicable).
    • PVI Insurance package and 100% social & medical insurance paid.
    • MacBook + 2nd monitor
    • Join us on our annual company trip, every year.
    • Free food & drink anytime you want.
    • Tons of cool toys (PS4, Drones etc.)
    • Work in a nice, open and flat office.
    • Improve your health, communication skill with every week outdoor team building activities.

    More jobs at here: https://www.jt1.vn/top-it-jobs
    Contact us: https://www.jt1.vn/contact-jt1

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